Let’s Write With Banyumasan

I create this blog at the first time with a general story of my childhood. Further, i write everything with Banyumasan. All because my concern of my Banyumasan mother tongue that being in the extinction process. Than i have an aim to compile blogs with Banyumasan language, maybe as an agregator like as BOM.

Last time, i met with the man who concerns with Banyumasan more and more. Finally he create a blog with this language. You can read his blog here. I just wait his next project, and i will support it.

Otherwise, i hope other Banyumas blogger will follow to create a blog with fully Banyumasan.


waduh jebule nyong salah blog goleh nulis kiye


  1. ngasengi ngomong banyumasan malah ngomonge basa landa. But I think it’s a good idea. I will support every move you make to introduce our motherland, Banyumas, and every culture also the atribute. Lets show to the world, What is Banyumas, and how rich are we..

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