Lakon Wayang – Kresna Kembar (Ki Kukuh Bayu Aji) – Part 2

Shadow Puppet Show, Performance by Dalang Kukuh Bayu Aji with title : Double Khrisna Part 2

Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 16

Gara-gara, is a segment of Shadow Puppet Show, that breaking storyline. This segment performace : joke, dance an singing by sinden and also guest joker.

Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 17

On this segment, appear Shadow Puppet Characters called  Punakawan. They are : Semar, Gareng, Petruk & Bawor. Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 18

Singing and dancing performance by a group of sinden. Usually they perform Campursari Song and Lengger Dance.
Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 19

Joker performing theu jokes, usually joker not belong to crew, but just guest star. Joker also singing and dancing beside their joker.

After Gara-gara, around 1 hour, the show back to storylineKukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 20

Semar and his sons come to Dwarawati Kingdom to meet Krisna. Actually this is the real Krisna, and the Krisna who attack Amarta is a fake one. Semar talk to real Krisna about the problem before. Krisna hear Semar story ana he have plan to go to upper world, to Khayangan (Gods palace) named Petung Liung, meet father oh the gods, Sang Hyang Wenang.

Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 21

Krisna reporting what was heppening ini the world, that make nature unbalanced. Sang Hyang Wenang give advice to Krisna, then he also give a thing called Wahyu Katentreman.Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 22

After meet Hyang Wenang, Krisna then go down to the world. Unexpected he meet his brother, Baladewa that survived after attacked by fake Krisna. Baladewa explain what have happened. Krisna then start to searching person that mimicking him.

Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 23

Finally, real Krisna meet the fake one. And the Battle happen. After a long fight between two Krisna, the real one utilizing Wahyu Katentreman to the fake. The fake Krisna defeated and run away, then morph to his real identity : Batari Durga, the evil goddes .Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 24

Batari Durga pursued by Semar, angey withher and warn if she disturbing peace of the world again sehe will be punished by Semar. Batari Durga make an apology, then fly away back to his palace called Pasetran Gandmayit.Kukuh Bayu Aji - Kresna Kembar 25

Werkudara finishing the rest of the mostrous attacker (called Perang Brubuh), then dance as his vitory (called Tayungan).

The End

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